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Why is the MSBA the next logical step for you? How do you hope to develop, both personally and professionally, during this one-year program? The first question this year is a common one for graduate school business applications. I like Marshall’s second question better because it really reveals a potential student’s way of thinking. Here’s [...]

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Peter Nevland is a writing teacher, a wordsmith, an engineer, and a genius at getting writers unstuck. He shared a secret formula that works like a charm for busting writers out of the blank-page, what-the-hell-shall-I-write-about zone. Because I like you, I’m going to share a link to Peter’s advice. Before I give you the link, [...]

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In no more than 250 words, please tell us why BU is a good fit for you and what specifically has led you to apply for admission. I just helped a client answer this question and dramatically increased his chances of getting a YES from a school that is among his top choices. We talked [...]

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Of all the professional writing I do, I like writing college admission essays  the best. I feel that way today because I just got the news that one of my clients got an unconditional YES from his number one university. Yeah, Baby!  I really needed that good news today. If you need help with your [...]

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University of Florida Freshman Application Essay

Sometimes you have to write something a little crazy to get noticed. That’s especially true if you shooting for an aspirational school that is a stretch to get to yes. Here is something I wrote for UF to try to show an applicant determined to write a safe essay how to have some fun with [...]

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University of California College Admission Essay Help

These last few days, I have been working with several students with a desire to go to the University of California to finish their Common App essays. Oddly enough, two of the students had the exact same name! Anyway, we made substantial improvements to the flow and content of both of their college admission essays [...]

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Most of the admission essays that I work on are for U.S. schools. I recently helped an American student apply to schools in the UK. He got his first yes from one of the more competitive universities in the UK. It was very interesting to learn about the differences between the UK and US systems [...]

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I received a telephone call from a parent of a student applying to Dartmouth. He had a great question: Can we change the Common Application Essay once it has been uploaded? The answer is yes, we can. We do so by creating different versions of your Common App. Those crazy kids at The Common Application [...]

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I recently had a college admission essay help client ask me whether his AP and IB test results would be more important to getting in to the universities that are on the top of his wish list. The short answer is that great IB exam and AP test scores count more. Great scores on IB exams (6s and 7s) and solid [...]

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Most of the folks who find me on college admission essay help are applying to school’s across the country. They are in New York or Michigan or California and I never meet them. We talk once or twice and start the process of making a good college application essay better. This week, I got a call [...]